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International conference:
"30 years of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People  - past, present, future"

Conference agenda

13th October 2021

9.30 a.m. - press briefing with the participation of the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People, Rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and President of the Board of PFRON

10.30 a.m. - 10.40 a.m. - Ceremonial opening of the conference by the Rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

10.40 a.m. - 10.45 a.m. - Welcoming of guests by the President of the Board of PFRON Krzysztof Michałkiewicz

10.45 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. - Speeches of invited guests

11.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. - Inaugural lecture: Paweł Wdówik, Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People
Strategy for Persons with Disabilities for years 2021-2030

A block of lectures on rehabilitation and social and professional activation

Introduction: prof. Wojciech Otrębski (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)

11.30 a.m. - 11.50 a.m. prof. Gertruda Uścińska - President of the Social Insurance Institution
Challenges for the future in the field of social security rights of people with disabilities

11.50 a.m. - 12.10 p.m. prof. Anna Wilmowska-Pietruszyńska - Faculty of Medicine, Lazarski University
Comprehensive rehabilitation - a chance to participate in social and professional life

12.10 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. prof. Ewa Giermanowska - Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw 
Dilemmas of professional activation in the changing world of work - the policy of redistribution, recognition and citizens' rights

12.30 p.m. - 12.50 p.m. prof. Wojciech Otrębski - Head of the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Contexts of Rehabilitation Psychology - Institute of Psychology, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin 
Psychosocial rehabilitation – a requirement of comprehensive rehabilitation of people with disabilities 

12.50 p.m. - Break

A block of lectures showing the perspectives of activating people with disabilities in various countries

Introduction: dr. Friedrich Mehrhoff

1.10 p.m. - 1.30 p.m. prof. dr. Joachim Breuer - President of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) 
Brave New World of Work – But Does the Digital Transformation of Work Promote Inclusion?

1.30 p.m. - 1.50 p.m. François Perl - Director of Public Affairs, Studies, Advocacy and International Affairs-Solidaris
Disability policies in a post-covid era

1.50 p.m. - 2.10 p.m. dr. Friedrich Mehrhoff 
Inclusive enterprises - good practices worldwide 

2.10 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. John A. Monsbakken - the Immediate Past President of the RI Global Vice President of RI Norway, Board member of the RI Foundation
Participation in working life - from an international perspective


2.30 - 2.40 p.m. - Summary of the 1st day of the conference

2.40 p.m. - End of the 1st day of the conference

14th October 2021

10.00 a.m - Opening of the second day of the conference by the President of the Board of PFRON Krzysztof Michałkiewicz 
Accessibility - opportunities for social inclusion of people with special needs

10.10 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. prof. Simon Darcy - UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney-Management Discipline Group, Deputy Head Research & Standards, Co-Lead UTS Disability Research Network Auckland University of Technology Honorary Adjunct Prof. 
Local, regional, national and international mobilities: personal mobility, transport, travel and tourism and international perspective after COVID-19

10.30 a.m. - 10.50 a.m. prof. Arun Mehta - President of the Bidirectional Access Promotion Society
Developers of free software for persons with multiple disabilities

10.50 a.m. - 11.10 a.m. dr. Joseph Kwan - MH Founder & Managing Director of UDA Consultants Ltd.- Consultants in Universal Design & Accessibility
Universal Accessibility towards a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all

11.10 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. John H. Takamura Jr. - Associate Professor of Industrial Design in The Design School at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University, Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in Design (MSD) degree in The design School
Empathy-driven design: design thinking for accessibility

11.30 a.m. - 11.50 a.m. Michael Hess - Founder & Executive Director of the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) 
Empowering entrepanuership and employment through accessibiltiy

11.50 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. - Break

12.00 p.m. - 12.20 p.m. Piotr Krasuski - Director of the European Social Fund Department, Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy
2018 - 2021 - 3 years of the Accessibility Plus program - successes and challenges for the future

12.20 p.m. - 12.45 p.m. Małgorzata Radziszewska - Accessibility Department (PFRON)
PFRON for accessibility - 30 years of experience and new challenges

A block of lectures on accessibility in various aspects for people with various types of disabilities

Introduction: prof. Ewa Domagała- Zyśk (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) 

12.45 p.m. - 1.10 p.m. prof. Ewa Domagała- Zyśk - Head of Department of Special Pedagogy, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Hear the person hard of hearing. From the experience of supporting university education of students with hearing impairments

1.10 p.m. - 1.30 p.m. prof. Janusz Kirenko - Head of Department of Pedeutology and Health Education, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University
social model of disability

1.30 p.m. - 1.50 p.m. prof. Ewa Pisula - Head of Department of Health Psychology and Rehabilitation, University of Warsaw
People on the autism spectrum in the social world - accessibility and activation

1.50 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. Summary of the 2nd day of the conference - challenges in the field of public space accessibility/End of the 2nd day of the conference